Our History

The Camrose Community Church was founded in the fall of 1983 as a Non-Denominational Christian Church. In 1995 after meeting in various locations, the congregation purchased the present location. The C.C.C. is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to reach the unsaved, the discouraged and the unproductive and help them become whole in the love of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that only when a person realizes God’s complete love and acceptance can they be whole and can they establish a bible-based sense of self worth. Then comes the freedom; the freedom to be who you want to be in Jesus, the freedom to fulfill your dreams, and the freedom to have meaningful relationships. We do not want to remake you or change who you are. We want to help you walk in your new identity in Jesus and continually experience the love of God. If you are successful as an individual, we will be a successful church.

You Are Safe Here

At the C.C.C. as we commit to biblical principles of life and love, those principles will be manifested in such a way as to insure those present the following. Our freedom in worship will never surrender to fanaticism. we want to be expressive. but differentiate between the sound of praise and the noise of people. We worship as a group in chorus, not as soloists in competition. We worship in spirit with liberty but in concert under leadership. Our openness to one another will never exploit anyone. We foster communication and interaction, recognizing that true fellowship is impossible without transparent and authentic sharing. What is shared in prayer is sacred with us and what is shown from your heart is treasured. Our welcome to spiritual gifts will never violate the will of God. Every believer is urged to be free and responsible to minister gifts with sensitivity, graciousness, and order in operation.


The choice to become part of the Camrose Community Church is a commitment to unity; unity around a common faith. a common purpose and a common conformity to biblical principles. This commitment to unity will be revealed in a lifestyle that shows

Our Common Commitment to God and to One Another

Matthew 22:37 “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.”

Church Services

There are four essential goals that we try to provide every time we meet. We want:

  • To provide an environment through praise and worship that gives you an opportunity to personally experience God.
  • To preach and teach the word of god in a way that is relevant to your daily life and needs. We want you to leave every service with something you can immediately apply and add to the quality of your life.
  • You to receive personal ministry. We seldom give alter calls so please feel free to come to the front of the church during the worship service. Someone will pray for you there.
  • You to have a time of fellowship with other believers. We want to share the experience of our faith with others.

Practices of This Church

  • The Lord’s Table or Communion
  • Water baptism by immersion
  • Dedication of children
  • The laying on of hands for deliverance, for healing, for ordination or simply for prayer by request.

Church Government

We are not dogmatic about church government. We see government as a tool that serves people rather than a system that people serve. Church government only has a value to the degree it is effective. At the Camrose Community Church we have Elders who take part and assist other leaders and the pastoral staff of the church in mainly spiritual matters. These men and women are chosen by the existing Elders and pastoral staff. We have Deacons or Trustees that are elected by the congregation and are legally responsible for the business-side of the church. They also look after temporal or physical needs of the church.